Led by the Lighthouse

Led by the Lighthouse.

I am naturally a vacillator who finds it incredibly difficult to make decisions. Not blessed with a decisive temperament, I waver and am sometimes paralysed by doubt as to the correct course of action. Yet Christians, of whom I am one, claim to be guided by God in the decisions they make and the course of life they are guided into.

As a Father with four children, the decisions I make seem to bear extra consequence.  At present, having taught in a local school and having pastored a local church, I am working on a building site part of the week and in a building called The Lighthouse, before planning to take my family to Thailand as a missionary.  So how has God guided me to this point?

God has guided me through circumstances (that I might not have chosen) as I have prayed (often desperately) for help and as I have read the bible. I have prayed that God would bring my heart and mind into sympathy with his heart and mind. So as the last months have passed and as I have studied the situations I have gone through, what I have sought to discern is what path would be best in accord with the character and purposes of God.

In Psalm 25, a Psalm where David is requesting guidance, God promises to “instruct sinners in his ways.” “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his ways.” David confesses his sins, his loneliness and his fear many times in this Psalm. What this shows is the person who recognizes his sinfulness and need of the Lord is the person who will be guided by God.

God is my Lighthouse, the one who has guides me to a safe harbour by forgiving my sin and piercing the darkness with his love. He continues to guide me, despite my mistakes and sinfulness. What a delight to point others to such a God of grace