News Update

The Webb’s Update.  Saturday 14th June 2014.

Greetings all.  Thanks again so much for your support and prayers.  As the countdown to move to Thailand enters its final few weeks, we have some matters for praise and prayer to share with you.


  • We have all our passports back. The well publicised problems with the passport office were causing concern but now we should be able to get visas, though the timing is tight.
  • I have  had a great time working with George  and the team in the Lighthouse. Using “Luke Uncover” we have shared Jesus with several people each week including drug addicts, students and retired business men. It has been great to reconnect with one chap who had come to Send Evangelical Church three years ago seeking answers to the big questions of life. We did ‘Christianity Explored’ with him then, but real progress has been made spiritually in the last weeks.

I have my itinerary for the first working weeks in Chiang Mai.

 July 28 – 1 Aug: Orientation for new staff.  “During this week you’ll hear about the reasons GIS exists. That foundation will help you make sense out of a lot of other things you’ll experience in this unique place!  You’ll also have time to learn about Thai culture, some tech applications that will (eventually) make your life easier, and to have a basic first aid course.  Most afternoons you’ll have time to work in your room, and your principal or supervisor will be available to help you get started.”

Aug 4-8 (Mon evening – Fri noon): All staff orientation. “You have most of Monday off to do whatever helps you get settled in your home, your room, your soul.  We’ll start Monday evening with a poolside supper for all new and returning staff members and their families.  This is a great time to start lifelong friendships!”

Aug 7-8 (Th-Fr):  “Our overnight staff retreat is a high point of the year.  Before things get crazier, we take 24 hours to go off campus and get to know one another better so when the going gets tough, we can see past the moment and can come alongside one another as family.  Be prepared for fun, fellowship, and worship.”

Sept 12-13 (Fr-Sa), Sept 20 (Sa): Thai culture modules.  “The Ministry of Education requires all new teachers to complete 20 hours of Thai culture training, and they set the dates and places. These dates were “finalized” two weeks ago.”

  • Prayer:

As always, our main requests are that we will stay close to God, love his Word, appreciate his grace, be filled with the Spirit, able to serve one another in our family and to bless others.  Please also pray for the following things:

  • My Visa to get sorted quickly.
  • Lois broke her nose doing a vault a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday she had a nasty operation under general anaesthetic to re-break the nose. Please pray for her healing.

lois nose

  • I tore a ligament in my back playing cricket last week. I am already in mourning about the suspension of my cricket career as it is not played in Thailand. Please pray that my back will be ok for me to work on the bulding site on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Please pray that we can find the right tenant for 68 Loop Road and the right  house to rent in Chiang Mai.
  • I am preaching at Baglan Church, Port Talbot 6th July, Eastneye Evangelical Church, Portsmouth 13th July and preaching at a wedding at New Life Church, Old Woking (our sending church) 19th July.
  • Please pray the Lord would give us strength, energy, health, enthusiasm and that we can begin life in Thailand well .
  •  We are still praying for more financial support.  A massive thank you to all who have been able to support financially and a huge thankyou to you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for us all as we say goodbye to family and friends, for these last few weeks at school and for the children to make a good transition to their new school and all the challenges ahead.
  • Please pray for the folks that we are studying Luke with: Brian, Rebecca, Sarah Jane, Lisa and a couple of Mormons too. Other non Christian folk who are volunteering at the Lighthouse have expressed interest in finding out about Jesus too.

With our grateful thanks for each one of you and our prayers for you.  Do get in contact and let us know how we can pray specifically for you over these months.

With love Chris, Ann, Sam, Lois, Joe and Isaac