The Webb’s Update.  Blessings and Challenges Thursday 4th June 2014.



Greetings all. Here’s another letter to tell you how we are getting on in our plans to go to Thailand in seven weeks. We are experiencing many blessings from God on the way and some challenges still to overcome. We do appreciate knowing that folk pray for us from time to time. We can do nothing without our Father’s leading and love.

  1. Blessings.

Chris’ week typically involves Mondays and Tuesdays working  8am-5pm on a building site as a labourer for Huggett and Hazelden, two godly guys from Woking, whose business has done much to build and transform both local properties and the lives of exployees. Having never done any physical work before, I am enjoying the routine of the day. During the remainder of the week, Chris works in the Lighthouse doing a variety of things from leading seminars on preaching, to leading seekers bible studies to cold contact evangelism. Most weekends Chris is doing a combination of preaching, leading Alpha and raising prayer and financial support for his teaching role in Chiang Mai, which is to begin 28th July.  It has been healing and thrilling to reconnect with seekers who had attended Send Evangelical Church and to read the bible with people for the first time ever. Chris is also excited about the courses he will be teaching at GIS in church history, eithics, principles of bible study, comparative religions, sects and the occult.

The children are continuing with their routines in school. Sam has completed his SATS and is performing well the in Horsley and Send under 11s cricket team. Lois continues to excel in gymnastics despite recently breaking her nose while practising her vaults in the garden. Joe and Isaac continue to, generally, flourish at school and nursery. Ann spends most of her time ferrying the children back and for, while taking on the role of accountant and house manager as we seek to find a tenant for our home and as we seek to manage the finances in raising a salary for Thailand.

  1. Challenges and Items for prayer.
  • Getting a Visa is proving difficult. Chris and the children needed to renew their passports.  The process is taking longer than it should which means we can’t purchase flights yet. At the moment the children’s passports are lost.
  • The political situation in Thailand is some cause for concern and needs monitoring.
  •  We need to find a tenant.
  • We need wisdom to know what to ship and what to store.
  • We need to find a house and a vehicle in Chiang Mai.
  • We need to raise quite a bit more finance to pay for flights, immunisations and salary.

In all these things we know our God is able to provide.

If you would like to commit to praying for us over the next months and would like to support us financially please email: [email protected]

Thanks for reading this!

Every blessing to you all. Love Chris, Ann, Sam, Lois, Isaac and Joe.