First days in Chiang Mai

Well, I’ve had three days in Chiang Mai. I’m sorry I don’t have photos yet as I don’t have all the cables I need but here are some initial thoughts and some requests for prayer.

The journey via Abu Dhabi and Bangkok was fairly smooth although all flights were delayed. I am staying in a YWAM house which is used to host DTS training, until I receive keys to our new rental home on Friday.  I get to have a look round tomorrow afternoon and talk with the landlord about appliances like a washing machine which we will need. Please would you pray that I can get us set up before Ann and the children arrive.

Please do pray for Ann and the children as they fly next Thursday and for Ann as she is very tired now packing up everything ready to let our house out.

My induction so far has involved meeting the new staff, getting familiarised with the ethos and history of the school,  a new curriculum, learning the computer system and understanding where we stand regarding insurance. We start at 7.30am and finish around Then we have time to practice what we have learned. The school is a great facility, built on the site of an old sports club. Most of the staff and children are American. Many are Koreans who are also planting churches and pioneering missions in this part of Thailand. The quality of the school enables these missionaries to have the confidence to continue their ministries and not to return to their home countries for their children’s education.

I haven’t been in to Chiang Mai yet. It would be good to do that this weekend. Please pray that we can find a church where we can worship, serve and be fed.

Many thanks again for all your support, love and prayer.