Grace at ‘Grace’

My favorite word in the entire English language is ‘grace’. If I were to name a church, I would name it ‘Grace Community Church.’ Grace means to receive what we don’t deserve. Grace is what distinguishes gospel Christianity from all other religions where salvation is worked for and achieved rather than received through faith alone.

We are here as a family by the sheer grace of God and because so many of you have shown us grace in supporting us financially. We have also been shown a lot of grace by folk here who have helped us with many basic things like huge shopping trips to get furniture, crockery and bikes, entertaining our children, taking us to an Elephant safari and helping us get school uniform.

We still have a long way to go. We would value your prayers for acquiring a car (much more expensive than we thought), a nursery for Isaac and an oven. We want to use these things to serve more effectively and would like to host house-church in our house occasionally. But we need to get some furniture and be hospitable. Set up costs are rather more than we anticipated.

It is a real pleasure to teach at Grace International School. My main subject here is teaching the students in high school how to study the bible. We have started with a Bible overview and compared the plot-line to other plots which we love eg: Star Wars, Shawshank Redemption, Hunger Games, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Truman Show. In each of these, there is a situation of darkness in which the prospects seem hopeless. But there is the promise of redemption, and justice prevailing. Great sacrifice needs to be effected for this to occur.  This, too, is the plot-line of the bible after the rebellion of mankind against their creator. The Bible narrative is the ultimate story to which all other stories point.

Next, we are looking at how our society objects to the Bible worldview. We are looking at the view that history is written by the winners and that we cannot know anything for sure about the past. We are investigating the allegation that the bible is out of date, sexist, violent and tribal. We are then focusing on the reliability of the original documents and the copies that were made. As we do this, we are also learning to handle the bible. The students write a journal every evening on passages, set by me, which are peer assessed. We are learning how to observe, interpret and apply scripture so that the students have the tools to feed themselves from God’s word for the rest of their lives.

Here at Grace, students are not only educated, but they take part in mission with their teachers. Many will be involved in outreach to tribal groups in the area, to refugees, handicapped children and persecuted minorities. A course in sports leadership, equips students to use sport as a means of reaching out.

As a family, we are overwhelmed at the impact the school has on young lives, apart from enabling missionaries to stay here or in their field, confident in the education that their children are receiving.

Sam, Lois and Joe have a made a good start in school and have been learning some new sports as you can see in the photos.  Please continue to pray for us. Each new day is a challenge and a blessing. We would especially ask that we can find the right nursery for Isaac and that he would sleep through the night without coming in to our room for comfort. We also ask that you would pray for us to find the right vehicle and to stay safe and healthy.

With much love:  The Webbs

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